Agenda and minutes

Social Care Health and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee
Thursday, 13th September, 2018 2.00 pm

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Minutes of the Social Care, Health and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee held on 2nd August 2018 pdf icon PDF 81 KB


The Committee noted the minutes.


Open Front Door Presentation pdf icon PDF 162 KB

Presentation of the Head of Children’s Services Keri Warren


The Committee received a Presentation on the topic “The Front Door” which is the one point of access for all referrals to Adult Services.


Members asked what happens after 5pm if assistance is required when the office is closed, Officers explained the Emergency Duty Team are on call from 5pm, they would assess the call and action any urgent safeguarding issues and then refer to the relevant service the following day.


Members asked what was the reason for the decrease in the numbers of caseloads per worker from 27 to 14.

Officers explained that the process has been changed to assess the needs of the service user at the point of contact to enable the appropriate service to be put in place or referred to the third sector if appropriate.  Also, supervision with staff has been improved so that cases are monitored and referred to the appropriate service so as a result the backlog has been cleared and now cases are allocated as they are received.


Officers thanked the Committee for allowing the Gateway Team to give a presentation.











Forward Work Programme 2018/19. pdf icon PDF 157 KB


Members mentioned the Autism report has been put down for November but were told this was being brought to Committee in September, Officers stated they said this would be brought in November and the minutes were incorrect.





The Committee scrutinised the following items:


Cabinet Board Proposals


4.1    Director’s Annual Report


The Committee received information in relation to the Director’s Annual Report as contained within the circulated report.


Members congratulated officers on a very positive report but commented that should the report not contain the difficulties that the directorate is facing in the current economic climate. 


Members also thanked officers for the careful financial planning and asked whether any underspends are kept within the directorate.

Officers confirmed that the underspend was kept within the     directorate and contributed to any savings required.


Members asked what geographical areas do the Local Area Co-ordinators cover.


Officers explained that the aim is to have a Local Area   Coordinator across every area of NPT. An additional post has recently been recruited to so there are 6 across the Neath Port Talbot area


Members also queried what happens in the areas that are not covered by a Local Area Co-ordinator, Officers explained that the service is still available in those areas but the role of the Local Area Co-ordinator is to underpin those services.


Members asked if there was any data available on the impact and outcome of the Local Area Co-ordinator pilot areas, Officers explained that data is currently being gathered across the pilot areas with work being undertaken to develop a data base to ensure all information will be available in future.


Members asked why on the satisfaction responses 72 carers assessment were undertaken but none received support, Officers explained that Carers could be offered a variety of support from different organisation. The assessment could identify the need for a sitting service which would be provided by the third sector but that would not show up on system. Discussion are currently taking place with our partners in the third sector on how we could record this information for all to access.


Members asked if the word promoted contained within the document on Page 23 could be changed because it suggests that the Carers Assessment is not a statutory requirement of the Local Authority.  Officers explained that the word promotion was used to promote the rights of carers to have the assessment but agreed that an alternative would be found to replace promoted.


Members asked if the All Wales Comparative data could be brought to Committee to enable Members to be able to compare Neath Port Talbot with other Local Authorities., Officers explained that no All Wales Data has been received from the Welsh Government and previously the data has been 2 – 3 years old by the time of receipt. Officers confirmed that they will speak to Welsh Government to find out the current position and highlight the need to have this comparative data.  In addition Members asked that the Cabinet Members present today raise with the Welsh Government.


In relation to The Rapid Adaptation Grants Scheme, members asked how quickly is very quickly. Officers explained they will email members with the information.


Members referred to the Performance Measure/Indicator table on Page  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


Access to Meetings


RESOLVED:      That pursuant to Section 100A (4) and (5) of the Local Government Act 1972, the public be excluded for the following items of business which involved the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in Paragraph 14 of Part 4 of Schedule 12A to the above Act.




The Committee scrutinised the following matters:


Cabinet Board Proposals


6.1    Contractual Arrangements For Neath Port Talbot Carer Related Services


The Committee received information in relation to Contractual Arrangements for Neath Port Talbot Carer Related Services as detailed in the circulated report.


Members asked in relation to risk management, it reads ‘there are no further risk management issues’, members asked what are the other risks, Officers explained there is an error with the wording and should read ‘other than those risks already mentioned’.


Members queried why are Carers Assessment undertaken by an independent agency, Officers explained that Carers are more comfortable discussing their needs with an independent person rather than their own Social Worker.


Members asked if Carers have the option to have the Carers Assessment undertaken by Neath Port Talbot staff rather than the Carers Service, Officers explained that there would be a time delay in the Assessment process if it was provided Social Services, Health and Housing staff eg Social Worker.  Neath Port Talbot Carers Service undertakes the assessment quickly and it works very effectively.


Following scrutiny, the Committee were supportive of the proposals to be considered at Cabinet Board.


6.2    Review of Homecare Services


The Committee received information in relation to the Review of Homecare Services as detailed in the circulated report.


Members asked why was there a difference in the costs from the last time the proposal was before Committee, Officers explained that the last proposal was not implemented and since then some of the costs have changed and we are now providing a very specialist service.

Officers stated they will bring back the results of the review to this Committee.


Following scrutiny, the Committee were supportive of the proposals to be considered at Cabinet Board.