Meeting attendance

Thursday, 2nd November, 2023 2.00 pm, South West Wales Corporate Joint Committee - Overview and Scrutiny Sub-Committee

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
Councillor Russell Sparks Chair Present
Councillor Tim Bowen Vice Chair Present
Councillor Rosalyn Davies Committee Member Apologies
Councillor Sean Pursey Committee Member Present
Councillor David Howlett Committee Member Present
Councillor Michael John Committee Member Present
Councillor Marc Tierney Committee Member Absent
Councillor Rob James Committee Member Absent
Councillor Emlyn Schiavone Committee Member Present
Councillor Peter Black Committee Member Present
Councillor Mike White Committee Member Apologies due to council business
Councillor Wendy Lewis Committee Member Apologies due to council business
Stacy Curran Democratic Services Officer Expected
Chloe Plowman Democratic Services Officer Expected
Craig Griffiths Officer Expected
Karen Jones Officer Expected
Greg Jones Officer Expected
Chris Moore Officer Expected
Aled Eynon Public Expected
Jason Jones Public Expected
Siwan Rees Public Expected
Cllr Dr Simon Hancock Co-Optee Non Voting Absent
Steven Aldred-Jones Officer Expected
Anthony Parnell Officer Expected
Emma Powell Officer Expected