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Special Appointments Committee

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Name, Address1, Address2, Address3, Address4, Postcode, Phone
Councillor Simon Anthony Knoyle, 26 Ynys-Y-Nos Avenue, Pontwalby, Glynneath, , SA11 5LS, , 07968 386108
Councillor Anthony John Richards, Port Talbot Civic Centre, Port Talbot, , , SA11 1PJ, 01792 928563
Councillor Charlotte Galsworthy, (Address not supplied) , , 07939 538190
Councillor Mike Harvey, 28 Hill Road, Neath Abbey, Neath, , SA10 7NR, 01792 812628, 07536 096615
Councillor Jeremy Hurley, 42 Johns Terrace, Tonmawr, Port Talbot, , SA12 9UR, 07870 612840
Councillor Rob G. Jones, Richmond House, Richmond Place, , Port Talbot, SA13 1TR, 01639 681253
Councillor Cen Phillips, C/O Port Talbot Civic Centre, Port Talbot, , , SA13 1PJ, , 07914 071440
Councillor Rebeca Phillips, Port Talbot Civic Centre, Port Talbot, , , SA11 1PJ, , 07432 863284
Councillor Sean Pursey, 22 St Pauls Road, Port Talbot, , , SA12 6PG, , 07865 355970
Councillor Sonia Reynolds, Cilpentan Farm, Llwyncelyn Road, Tairgwaith, Ammanford, SA18 1UU, , 07949 428347