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Emergency Preparedness Update


Following scrutiny, the report was noted.



Members considered the report as circulated within the agenda pack. Officers outlined some of the key points raised within the report.


Officers advised that during the forthcoming year, it is planned to introduce NPT Prepared, which will work to increase community resilience. Elected members will be invited to contribute to assist putting in place ward specific resilience plans.


Members were aware that business continuity and the risk register have been continually considered and updated regularly. However, it is acknowledged that there are difficulties in keeping the items updated and also ensuring that the importance of continuity business plans within each individual department within the local authority is recognised. It is important that members fully appreciate how critical they are to maintaining the infrastructure of the Council.


Officers confirmed that the risk register is updated and taken to CDG and Governance and Audit Committee quarterly and considered by Cabinet every six months. With reference to the business continuity plans, every accountable manager is responsible for ensuring that there is one in place for their services. The details contained within the plan will be determined by the type of service and any identified critical delivery actions.


In relation to schools, a ‘Resilient Schools’ scheme is going to be launched in conjunction with the Education Department. Previously there has been difficulty in setting resilience plans for schools as the corporate business continuity planning framework did not suit the needs of the schools. However, work has been carried out over the past year to adapt the framework so that schools are fully covered by business continuity.


Members queried if there was liaison with Town and Community Councils. Officers confirmed that the scope of the Emergency Planning Team only covered the local authority itself.

Officers confirmed that the Emergency Planning Team is established to respond to very specific emergencies. It is established under the Civil Contingencies Act. If there was a major incident declared, under the Act the Council has statutory responsibilities under the Act to respond accordingly. The team is not designed to respond to anything that is described as an emergency. It is very specific in its role under the Act.


Members queried the extent of the work that has been carried out in relation to site specific terrorism evaluations, security action plans and hostile vehicle mitigation and plans. Officers advised that specific information on this item cannot be provided due to security issues. Members were reassured that there were ongoing items being developed.


Officers provided some details on the exercises that have been carried out in relation to civil contingencies. The first exercise relates to NPT connect and tests the response of the CCTV Team in relation to potential phone calls from South Wales Police or Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service. The second part of the exercise involves the strategic duty officer team of the authority and practising their response to a request for a strategic coordination call. The second exercise is the internal rest centre exercise which is carried out annually. This exercise tests the rest centre response with social services.


Officers confirmed that the register for designated rest centres was up to date. The majority of centres are part of Celtic Leisure, however there are also some small community centres allocated. A review of the centres is scheduled to be carried out this year.


Members queried what consideration has been given to local members to understand the plans that are in place for emergency response. It was confirmed that there is a plan for further member seminars throughout the year to keep members updated.

Members raised the previous Joint Resilience Committee (a joint committee with Swansea Council when the service was provided jointly across both councils) that was in place. The director agreed to look into the merits of a committee and how this was previously set up to.


Following scrutiny, the report was noted.

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