Agenda item

Group Leader Invitation

Councillor Alun Llewelyn

Councillor Rob Jones


The Committee welcomed Councillor A.Llewelyn (Leader of the Plaid Group) and Councillor R.G.Jones (Leader of the Labour Group) to answer the circulated form of questions to Group Leaders, and to discuss Code of Conduct related matters.


Issues raised included:


·                    The Code of Conduct needs updating to reflect the hybrid element, and recording of meetings.


·                    Would it be possible to include a bullet point guide to the Code of Conduct, within election packs, so that potential Councillors are aware of the key points prior to being elected?


·                    The perception of the Standards Committee could be improved, by way of giving short presentations on the role of the Committee, either in person, or as a recording, to the Town/Community Councils, or even on the Council website.


·                    It would be helpful for Members to receive midterm refresher sessions on the Code of Conduct, and the local resolution process.


·                    There was no specific mention of discrimination within the Code, despite reference to the Equality Act. This could be added to the next iteration of the Code.


RESOLVED:                That the attendance of the Group Leaders of the Plaid and the Labour Groups be noted, to ensure that the legal obligations under the Local Government and Elections (Wales) Act 2021, were fulfilled.


Supporting documents: