Agenda item

UK Shared Prosperity Fund - Approval of Strategic 'Anchor' Projects




Having given due regard to the Integrated Impact Assessment:


1.   That the five Neath Port Talbot strategic ‘anchor’ projects as detailed in the circulated report be approved and funded by the Neath Port Talbot allocation of the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.  For the delivery of these strategic ‘anchor’ projects to commence prior to the Inter Local Authority Service Level Agreement is finalised.


2.   That delegated authority be granted to the Director of Environment and Regeneration in consultation with the Chief Finance Officer, the Leader and relevant Cabinet Member(s) to:


a)   Agree third party grant criteria and approve third party grant awards via the UK Shared Prosperity Fund Grant Schemes with regular reports to Cabinet:


b)   Agree any necessary changes to projects to allow flexibility to adapt to challenges and opportunities with regular reports to Cabinet.


c)   Agree to launch an open call for projects under the Skills and Multiply priorities and to target those areas of the Investment Plan not being delivered by the strategic ‘anchor’ projects (as detailed on Page 61, Agenda Item 4, ‘Implementation’ section of this report) with regular reports to Cabinet.



Reason for Decisions:


To enable Neath Port Talbot Council to implement the Uk Shared Prosperity Fund Implementation Plan and commence project delivery.


Implementation of Decisions:


The decision will be implemented after the three day call in period which ends at 9am, Monday, 23rd January 2023.

Supporting documents: