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Weekly Courier Service



Committee received the above report which outlined options for the future of the Authority’s courier service to Councillors, set against the savings of £10,000 contained in the Forward Financial Plan.


Committee considered, in depth, the proposals contained in the circulated report, whilst taking into account the provisions of Schedule 12, Paragraph 4 of the Local Government Act 1972 which states:


‘…a summons to attend the meeting…shall, subject to sub-paragraph (3) below, be left at or sent to the usual place of residence of every member of the Council.’


In evaluating the options put forward, discussion centred on practical issues such as the provision of facilities and suitable training to support Members should they rely on digitally distributed services.


After debating the matter it was proposed that cost savings in the short term should be focussed on reducing the requirement for overtime working, whilst a small number of Members pilot digital options supported by Democratic Services and ICT.




a.       That the Head of Legal Services explore whether the delivery of Members mail could be undertaken during part of the normal working day and not incur overtime costs; with any consequential savings being set against the £10,000 already identified in the Forward Financial Plan.


b.       That the Head of IT look further at the equipment, support and training available to Members;


c.       That the Head of Democratic Services explore the possibility of providing ‘pigeon holes at the Neath Civic Centre, to allow Members to collect any mail;


d.       That all Members be given the opportunity to take part in a pilot of Option 2, contained in the circulated report, but that in the meantime officers implement a to c above;


e.       That further update reports, in relation to the above, be submitted to the next meeting.



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