Agenda item

Freeport Bid Submission


Members noted the error contained within the circulated report, in relation to Page 10 it stated This includes £21 million (or potentially more” it should have read £25 million.




Having given due regard to the Integrated Impact Screening Assessment:


1.   That a bid for a Freeport covering the port of Port Talbot and the port of Milford Haven and surrounding areas, in the form annexed at Appendix B of the circulated report, subject to any variations that may be necessary prior for submission be approved.


2.   That the Chief Executive, in consultation with the Leader of Council be granted delegated authority to agree amendments to the Bid prior to its final submission to the Welsh Government.


3.   That the nomination for Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council to be the Accountable Body for the proposed Framework be approved.


4.   That the Leader of Council submits a letter to the Welsh Government reflecting Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council’s support for a Freeport covering the port of Port Talbot and the port of Milford Haven.


5.   That the Chief Executive in consultation with the Leader take action as may be necessary to promote the merits of the Bid post submission up to the point of Ministers decisions on the success/otherwise of the bid.



Reason for Decisions:


To achieve Freeport status could act as a catalyst for significant economic growth within the locality and the wider region linked to the emerging off-shore wind sector and wider renewables agenda.  The proposal will also support work to decarbonise industry, housing and transport at local regional and national levels helping to meet the net zero carbon targets.  Green economic growth will help to address structural issues of poverty and deprivation in the local and regional economy stimulating the local supply chain and increasing the skills and qualifications of the resident population.


Implementation of Decisions:


The decision is for immediate implementation.




Supporting documents: