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Pre-decision Scrutiny

Dewis eitemau priodol o agenda’r Cabinet ar gyfer craffu cyn penderfynu (amgaeir adroddiadau ar gyfer yr Aelodau Craffu)


Key Performance Indicators 2023/2024 - Quarter 1 (1st April 2023 - 30th June 2023)


The report was noted.


Key Performance Indicators 2023/2024 - Quarter 1 (1st April 2023 - 30th June 2023)


Officers introduced the report as circulated to Members and highlighted that it is a new presentation format as a response to member feedback. Officers said they would record any feedback and pass that on to the corporate performance team who came up with the new presentation format.


The Chair reminded members of the upcoming training session on the new format KPI’s and encouraged them to attend as it will help members interpret Key Performance Indicators better.


Members commented that they thought the new format was clearer and better and shows longer term trends and direction of travel. Members also felt it would be useful to have a line on graphs that indicates what the target is as a visual aid.


Members referred to page 64 of the report relating to missed collections of waste recorded. Members wanted to know if this also include online reports and members reports of missed collections to waste services.


Officers explained that online reports are logged and encouraged members to report issues via the call centre so that it would ensure reports are logged correctly. Individual officers don’t use the system that the contact centre uses, and it is less likely to be recorded properly.


Members commented that there was a danger that the missed collections won’t be picked up that day as by the time it is logged, the crew may have left the area already by that time.


Officers advised that the waste action plan has been approved for the in-cab data system so the crews will get alerted about missed collections. The tracker system will mean officers will know where the crews are, and the in-cab data system will let the nearest crew know about the missed collection.


Members asked if reports of fly tipping made by members are included in KPI 17 as well as whether reports are getting categorised differently now as there is a lower number in this quarter.

Officers explained that for fly tipping the FLARE System is used to document everything as it’s a legal process. Officers also advised that there are sometimes presentation issues of residents putting waste out on the wrong week.


Members were advised that fly tipping historically has fluctuated and during lockdown fly tipping increased. The legal process for fly tipping was suspended for a period which prevented interviews as part of the enforcement process. With enforcement having now returned, fly tipping has dropped back down.


Members asked if complaints of mess left over from waste collections are logged. Officers advised that customer services system captures everything.


Members were concerned that raising the issues through the call centre or online causes a delay in issues being rectified and wanted to check if the in-cab system will get the updates from notifying via customer services.


Officers confirmed that once the in-cab system is in place it will. The service first system is also being reviewed to put in improvements, as well as looking at what it captures so that it does capture everything.


Members stated that they tend to speak to officers directly as it tends to mean action is taken quicker. Members wanted to check that the new in cab system would make sure this would mean quick responses to incidents.


Members were informed that data from all the rounds has been uploaded into the Service First System and Officers will be able to analyse complaints against individual rounds in the future, although This won’t be available for a few months.


The report was noted.