Agenda item

Project Proposals made to the Members Community Fund




Having due regard to the Integrated Impact Screening Assessment the following applications be approved:


(a)     An Application by Councillor Sian Harris to provide three Gateway Welcome signs on the principle approach roads to Crynant, as set out in Appendix A.


(b)     An Application by Councillor Hugh James to supply and install a 20 metre zip wire/Cableway to James Field, as set out in Appendix B.


(c)     An Application by Councillor Rebeca Phillips to establish a Community Garden with Gellionnen Graig Chapel in Trebanos, as set out in Appendix C.


(d)     An Application by Councillor Angharad Aubrey to improve safe access by providing handrails to properties in Parc Glas, Skewen, as set out in Appendix D.


(e)    An Application by Councillor Dean Lewis to supply and install outdoor gym equipment to the Community Council Park in Resolven, as set out in Appendix E.


(f)   An Application by Councillor Del Morgan and Councillor Simon Knoyle to supply and install a 3 bay, 2 flat, 2 cradle, 1 basket swing to the VNLC play area in Glynneath West as set out in Appendix F.


Reason for Decisions:


To enable Applications for funding that had been received under the Members Community Fund to be approved.



Implementation of Decisions:


The decision will be implemented after the 3 day call in period which ends at 9am, Sunday 16th January 2022.  No call ins were received.

Supporting documents: