Agenda item

Corporate Plan 2022-2027 - Recover, Reset, Renew






That having given due regard to the Integrated Impact Assessment.  Approval be granted to publish for a 4 week consultation period, starting the 5th January until the 1st February 2022 the Draft Corporate Plan 2022-2027 and the Strategic Change Programme subject to the plan including a reference to the impacts of the years of austerity and the pandemic.


Reason for Decision:


To enable the publication of a final Corporate Plan which will ensure the Council meets legal duties set out in the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 as they relate to council corporate planning activities.


Implementation of Decision:


The decision is for immediate implementation, with the support of the Chairperson of the previous Scrutiny Committee..  The decision will be implemented following the meeting on the 5th January 2022. 




The draft Plan and Strategic Change Programme were informed by the Lets Talk Campaign which was undertaken between July and September 2021.


Supporting documents: