Agenda item

Grant of Dispensation under S81(4) of the Local Government Act 2000


RESOLVED:        That Community Councillors Sonia Reynolds and Sarah Thomas be granted a on the term set out below, and that the application for dispensation runs to the Standards Committee which follows the Annual meeting 2022.


                              “To speak and vote on issues relating to the business of Canolfan Maerdy at Gwaun Cae Gurwen Community Council provided that:


(a)  they do not directly financially advantage or disadvantage or give other direct benefit or disbenefit to a Member or the Member’s family


(b)  it does not relate to a grant application or consideration of a contract between Canolfan Maerdy and the Community Council


(c)  and that this dispensation will not apply in circumstances where a member of the public might reasonably conclude that the role of trustee would significantly affect the Councillor’s ability to act purely on the merits of the case and in the public interest.”

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