Agenda item

Public Speaking at Council Meetings


Councillor J.D.Morgan, Chairperson of the Democratic Services Committee introduced the report and recommended the Public Speaking at meetings to Council for approval.


It was highlighted that the proposal is one of the requirements of the Local Government and Elections Wales Act 2021.  Local Authorities are required to establish ways of promoting and facilitating processes by which local people may make representations to the principal council about a decision before, and after, it is made as detailed in the circulated report.


A Public Speaking Protocol has been developed as part of the requirements of the Act and was considered and supported for commending to Council at the Democratic Services Committee on 11 October 2021, with effect from 3 January 2022.


Councillor J.D.Morgan thanked the Democratic Services Committee for all the work they had undertaken to bring this proposal to Council today.


Future work for the committee was looking at Public Participation which would be brought to Council in due course.



Having due regard for the Integrated Impact Screening Assessment:


1.      The Public Speaking Protocol as set           out as Appendix 1 to the circulated           report be approved with an           implementation date of 3 January           2022.


2.      That delegated authority be given to           the Head of Legal and Democratic           Services to update the Constitution to           include reference to the Public           Speaking Protocol.







Supporting documents: