Agenda item

Capital Programme Monitoring Report 2020/2021


Cllr. C.Clement-Williams, Cabinet Member for Finance introduced the report which had been commended to Council from Cabinet on the 8th March 2021.


Members queried why the monies for the Cefn Coed Valley Landscape Park had been reduced as stated in the circulated report.  It was explained that the £1.8 million (European Funding)  could not be claimed due to technical difficulties  and the work had not been completed by the end of March 2021. As a result the £1.8 million was utilized by Welsh Government for other projects.  The monies set aside by the Council as part of the match funding requirement was incorporated into the Capital Programme monies.  It was also advised that a meeting with local members has been arranged for April to look at future funding options and proposals and in the event that any match funding was required it would be looked at within the Capital Programme.



1.   That the 2020/2021 budget totalling £65.387m be approved.


2.   That the £39.1m of expenditure as at 31st January 2021 be noted.




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