Agenda item

Minutes of Previous Meeting held on 3rd March 2020


The minutes of the previous meeting held on 3 March 2020 were approved as an accurate record.


Members then noted the following:

·       Officers clarified Members previous concerns around GDPR with regards to the Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales (IRPW) and carers allowance being claimed; it was stated that although it would be confirmed on the record, if someone were to claim carers allowance, that the person was in recipient of that particular sum, the details and the reasoning why they were claiming it would not be made public

·       The few Members who were piloting Office 365 provided positive feedback on the system and highlighted that it works very well and was an essential piece of equipment for Members to have on their iPads. It was noted that other Members had asked if Office 365 could be rolled out to all Members now that it had been piloted, which would be very useful especially during the current circumstances of the Covid 19 pandemic; the only issue raised was that some Members may require training on how to use the package. Officers confirmed that the Chairs and Vice Chairs of Scrutiny Forum had discussed IT support for Members and had agreed that a survey would be carried out in relation to what equipment each Member had and whether they had any difficulties with using the equipment, and from this would look into the roll out of Office 365. It was mentioned that it had been raised with Dave Giles (ICT Service Manager) and the process of this would start in the next few weeks. It was suggested that an update in terms of Members IT be raised at the next meeting of the Democratic Services Committee and that the IT Reference Group may want to consider whether they would need a meeting in between now and then.


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