Agenda item

Budget Update and Monitoring 2020-21


It was hoped that further funding would be made available from Welsh Government throughout the year, as a result of the increased costs sustained during the Covid 19 pandemic. Members noted that further additional costs would continue to be incurred as the country moves out of lockdown.




1.           That the proposed reserve movements and budget virements, as detailed within the circulated report, be approved.


2.           That the operational and financial issues, set out in the circulated report, be noted.


3.           That the Council continue to work with Welsh Government and in line with legislation, regulations and directions, to deliver services during these challenging times.


4.           That the additional grants received be noted.


5.           That the Council continue to seek additional funding from Welsh Government to cover COVID19 consequences of increased expenditure, loss of income, increased cost of Council Tax Support and council tax collection shortfalls that adversely impact on Council funding and activity.


Reason for Decisions:


To update the Council’s Budget for 2020/21 and inform Members of the financial risks arising from Covid19.


Implementation of Decisions:


The decisions will be implemented after the three day call in period.

Supporting documents: