Agenda item

Application to vary a Premises Licence - Premier Stores


Members were asked to consider representations received in respect of the following application to vary a Premises Licence made under the Licensing Act 2003.


Premises Name

Premier Stores

Premises Address

High Street, Cwmgwrach, SA115TA

Applicant Name

Rebecca James

Applicant Address

Ty Siloh, Heol Wenalt, Cwmgwrach

DPS Name

Andrea Dawn Davies


RESOLVED:        That the application to vary a Premises Licence – Premier Stores, High Street, Cwmgwrach, SA11 5TA made by Rebecca James, Ty Siloh, Heol Wenalt, Cwmgwrach, be approved, as detailed within the circulated report, and subject to the following conditions:


1.        To extend the premises to include both on and off sales and change the layout of the premises to incorporate a café bistro in the rear.

2.        Supply of alcohol Both On/Off premises:

Monday to Sunday:        06:00 – 23.30

The applicant has agreed with the police that the on sales will only take place from within the café/bistro from 11.00 until 23.30

3.        The opening hours of the premises:

Monday to Sunday:      06:00 - 23:30

The applicant has agreed with the police that the on sales will only take place from within the café/bistro from 11.00 until 23.30





Crime and Disorder:

4.        CCTV covering licensable areas including entrances, exits and rear of premises will be installed and stored for a minimum of 28 days and made available for inspection of authorised officers.

5.        No one carrying open or sealed glasses will be admitted to the premises at any time.

6.        Under no circumstances will the sale of alcohol from the store be allowed into the bistro all drinks will be served in glasses no cans or bottles.

7.        An incident book will be kept on the premises for inspection of authorised officers.

8.        Drunk and/or disorderly persons will not be allowed to enter, served alcohol or permitted to remain on the premises.

Public Safety:

9.        A log or recording system shall be kept upon the premises in which shall be entered particulars of inspections made; those required to be made statute and information complied to comply with any public safety condition attached to the premises licence that requires the recording of such information. The log book shall be kept available for inspection when required by persons authorised by the Licensing Act 2003 or associated legislation.

10.    Adequate access is provided for emergency vehicles and personal.

11.    All parts of the premises and all fittings and apparatus therein, door fastenings and notices and the seating, lighting, heating, electrical, ventilation, sanitary accommodation, washing facilities and other installations will be maintained at all times in good order and safe condition.

12.    Check the premises before it opens to the public to ensure there are no risks to patrons and that all safety precautions are in place.

13.    Appropriate training about emergency and general safety precautions and procedures.

14.    Ensure that all staff are aware of their social and legal obligations and their responsibilities regarding the sale of alcohol.

15.    Free drinking water available at all times in the bistro area when the premises is open to the public.

16.    All bottles, glasses and rubbish must be removed from public areas on a regular and frequent basis.

17.    The electrical system at the premises will be inspected and tested by a competent person. A competent person will be suitably qualified electrician who is registered with the ECA or NICEIC.

18.    All safety certificates and inspections reports must be kept on site and for inspection by officer of relevant statutory bodies.

19.    The fire safety measures provided on the premises must be maintained in good working order and their adequacy will be determined on a regular basis, by the carrying out of a fire risk assessment as required by and in accordance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order.

The Prevention of Public Nuisance:

20.    Prominent clear and legible notices will be displayed at all exits requesting the public to respect the needs of the residents and leave premises quietly.

21.    Deliveries of materials necessary for the operation of the business will be carried out at such a times or in such a manner as to prevent nuisance and disturbance to residents

22.    The licensee will ensure that staff who arrive early in the morning or depart late at night when the business has ceased trading conduct themselves in such a manner to avoid causing disturbance to nearby residents

23.    Customers will be asked not to stand around talking in the street outside the premises and asked to leave vicinity quickly and quietly.

24.    A specific taxi operator has been nominated for staff and customer use. The company’s telephone number is advertised to customers. The operator and all drivers are aware that they should arrive and depart as quietly as possible, should not sound horns as a signal of their arrival or leave engines running unnecessarily.

25.    Ensure that staff regularly patrol the premise’s both indoors and out to supervise the orderly conduct of patrons.

26.    Control the volume of regulated entertainment taking place at the premises.

27.    All external doors and windows will be kept shut, other than for access and egress, in all rooms when the events involving music or speech or other entertainment are likely to rise to noise.

28.    Outside area are provided for the use of patrons of the facilities for the disposing and collecting of litter will be maintained

29.    Where drinks are going to be consumed in outdoor areas they must be served in plastic or toughened glass.

The protection of children from harm

30.    A challenge 25 policy implemented, individuals who appear to be under the age of 25 attempting to purchase alcohol must be asked for identification. The only type of ID that will be accepted is PASS accredited ID, passport or photo driving licence. Only plastic glasses or bottles will be permitted in children’s play areas, beer gardens and recreational areas, or in any area where customers are required to remove footwear.

31.    Refusals register will be kept on the preemies for inspection of authorised officers