Agenda item

Pre Decision Scrutiny


The Committee scrutinised the following Cabinet Board items:


Key Performance Indicators 2019/2020 - Quarter 1 (1 April – 30 June 2019)


Members received an overview of the Key Performance Indicators for Quarter 1, as detailed in the circulated report.


It was noted that overall figures for biodiversity were good, although these were difficult to measure as biodiversity was a large area, and constantly changing.


Officers explained that there would be more biodiversity projects, but we were reliant on funding from Welsh Government.  It was highlighted that Heritage Lottery Funding had been received for peat restoration in the Afan Valley, but further funding would allow us to deliver additional projects to the wider community. 


It was noted that a draft report on Biodiversity would be brought to Cabinet Board during October 2019.


A discussion took place on the performance of high risk businesses that were liable for programmed inspections by Trading Standards, it was highlighted that there had been sickness in the team which had impacted on the programme.  It was explained that arrangements had been made to ensure all high risk business were inspected by the end of the 3rd Quarter.


Following scrutiny, it was agreed that the report be noted.



Countryside Rights of Way (CROW) Act 2000 – Consideration of the Consultation Draft Rights of Way Improvement Plan (ROWIP) and the publication/consultation procedures to be implemented


The Committee received information on the Consultation Draft Rights of Way Improvement Plan (ROWIP) and the publication/ consultation procedures to be implemented.


A discussion took place on Active Travel (Wales) Act, it was explained that there were links to Active Travel in the circulated Consultation Draft.


It was noted that in respect of Public Rights of Way for cycleways and bridleways, there was a requirement that there must be evidence of usage as there was a legal framework to be followed.


Members were pleased that sections of canal towpaths in Neath were recently improved and now open to cyclists. 


Following scrutiny, the Committee was supportive of the proposals to be considered by the Cabinet Board.



Environmental Health and Trading Standards:  Food and Feed Law Service Delivery Plan 2019-2020 and the Food and Feed Law Enforcement Review 2018-2019


The Committee received information on the work plan for 2019-2020 of the Authority’s Food and Feed enforcement service, and review of the Food and Feed enforcement service for 2018-2019, as detailed in the circulated report.


It was explained that currently targets were being met, although peaks and troughs would be experienced due to demand.


Officers explained that following an initial inspection of a food premises, if business owners were unhappy with the score, they could apply for a re-score visit.  The initial visit was free and unannounced, if a re-score visit was undertaken there would be a fee.  Officers would re-visit the premises in three months, it was highlighted that this was being achieved, although some food operators requested a re-visit sooner, this was not always possible.


Following scrutiny, it was agreed that the report be noted.