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Data Protection Act 2018 training and Data Protection Fees

Report of the Head of Legal Services enclosed.


Committee received the report of the Head of Legal Services in relation to the above.  Members noted that a further training session would be held in the autumn, if however Members wished one to one training this could also be accommodated. 


In relation to the fees payable, the fee for 2019/20 had been paid for each Member by the Council, however going forward there would be no registration fee.


Members’ access to the Potentially Violent Persons Register was queried, in particular in relation to GDPR.  The Head of Legal Services advised that the register was managed by Health and Safety and that how and why the information was gathered together with the reason the information was required would need to be considered in relation to any request from Members to access the database. 


RESOLVED:      That the Head of Legal Services provide a report in relation to the above.


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