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The committee chose to scrutinise the following Cabinet Board items:


Cabinet Board Proposals


4.1     Tai Tarian Progress Report


Members were provided with an overview of progress made by Tai Tarian in respect of the promises made to tenants in the Council’s Offer Document. It was noted that Tai Tarian had also provided a few examples of other initiatives being progressed which are detailed in the circulated report.


It was noted that all 118 promises detailed in the offer document are now completed.


It was highlighted that due to the change in legislation local authority membership of RSL boards could not exceed 24% resulting in two of the four current board members having to stand down.


Members thanked the Chief Executive of Tai Tarian for the work that had been completed. Members asked that the majority of bids for housing is online, however there are still members of the public that do not have access to digital equipment and are told that they will be informed via letter, however they are finding that they are never informed. The Chief Executive of Tai Tarian apologised if any member of the public has missed out in any bid offers and would try to contact them via letter.


Members asked to be kept up to date on Universal Credit.


Members asked what the cycle of grass cuttings was as they had been told it was 4-6 weeks. It was highlighted that it is generally 4 weeks, if it has not been cut in 4 weeks and if Tai Tarian has been informed then within 24 hours a crew would come out to rectify it.


The Chief Executive outlined a proposal to start paying Tai Tarian Board members. Members asked how many votes would be required to remunerate Board Members. It was highlighted that the decision does not require a vote and the purpose of raising at the meeting was as part of the consultation process.


The Chief Executive of Tai Tarian invited Members on a tour around the Borough to see the new and proposed developments.


Following scrutiny, it was agreed that the report be noted.



4.2     Air Quality Progress Report 2018


          Members were informed of the results of pollution monitoring that had been carried out during the calendar year of 2017 and asked Cabinet members for approval to place a copy of the report on the Council’s website and send copies to the Welsh Assembly Government.


Members highlighted that there had been a 50mph speed camera installed, and was unsure why it had been fitted as no monitoring of air quality had taken place. Officers highlighted that it was a decision from Welsh Government and South Wales Trunk Road Agent.


Members asked whether the reason for the 50mph camera to be installed was due to car safety or health safety from vehicles producing pollution. Officers highlighted that that they claim its air quality, however we have not seen the air quality monitoring results which would confirm this. An officer from NPT attended a workshop with WG recently and has asked for the results and despite confirming that they would be forwarded to us we have yet to receive them.


Members commended the progress of the report however, highlighted their concern with nuisance dust. It was highlighted that that there was no evidence in tackling this issue. Members asked if the authority could monitor the plant in different ways. Officers highlighted that the regulation of TATA steel, from which much of the nuisance dust is the responsibility of National Resources Wales (NRW). Officers can contact NRW to establish what measures are being implanted with NRW to address nuisance dust complaints In response to a request for additional monitoring Officers advised that budget cuts did not allow for increased monitoring to be undertaken especially when the responsibility for regulating air quality associated with TATA rests with NRW rather than the authority.


Cabinet Members asked that NRW be invited to attend a future Regeneration and Sustainable Development Cabinet Board to discuss nuisance dust.


Members highlighted that there was currently a lot of concern around diesel cars on the road, however doesn’t seem to be a lot of concern around diesel trains on the rail ways in the Neath Port Talbot area.


It was noted by Members that a new monitor was installed in 2014 which coincided with a change in readings. Officers highlighted that all monitoring equipment is as calibrated regularly and replaced before end of shelf life. This ensures that all measurements are accurate.


Members highlighted that a monitoring station based in Dyffryn was not functioning. Officers highlighted that it was closed due to the construction at the school, as the construction would have influenced the readings.


Following scrutiny, the Committee was supportive of the proposals to be considered by the Cabinet Board



4.3     Welsh Government Consultation - National Development

Framework – Issues, Options and Preferred Option


Members highlighted that they wished not to scrutinise this item, however, felt that a more strongly worded response was necessary in order to fully emphasise concerns. The Head of Planning and Public Protection would amend before submitting the response.


Following scrutiny, the Committee was supportive of the proposals to be considered by the Cabinet Board