Social Services, Housing and Community Safety Cabinet Board - Urgency Action - Friday, 25th March, 2022 4.16 pm

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Ukrainian Crisis: Humanitarian response - 003 NJ - Urgency Action DOTX 35 KB

Seeking delegated authority to Karen Jones (Chief Executive) and Andrew Jarrett (Director of Social Services, Health & Housing) to receive grant, make expenditure and enter into negotiations and contracts as necessary to enable the Council to respond quickly to the humanitarian response as a result of the conflict in Ukraine.



That approval be granted to That delegated authority is granted to the Chief Executive and Director of Social Services, Health and Housing to receive grants and enter into any grant agreements, make expenditure, enter into negotiations and contracts (suspending the Contract Procedure Rules in the event so required due to the urgency involved) and amend existing legal arrangements as necessary to respond to the humanitarian crisis faced by Ukrainians fleeing the conflict.





For Immediate Implementation