Annual Meeting of Council - Friday, 10th May, 2024 2.00 pm

No. Item


Election of Mayor for 2024/25


Appointment of Deputy Mayor for 2024/25


Investiture of Mayoress and Deputy Mayoress for 2024/25


Mayor's Address


Administration Issues for 2024/25

There are a number of other matters for the Council to determine at its Annual Meeting (set out below), and it is proposed that these be dealt with at the adjourned meeting to be held on 15 May, 2024:


Policy and Budget Framework;

Executive Arrangements;

Political Proportionality

Scrutiny Arrangements;

Member representation on Other Committees; Staff Council and Other Member/Officer Groups;

Joint Committees, Outside and Other Public Bodies;

Cycle and Timetable of Meetings plus schedule of Seminar Dates for 2024/25

Distribution of Senior Salaries


A detailed report will be submitted to Special Council with the Agenda of the adjourned meeting.