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Meeting: 11/01/2019 - Streetscene and Engineering Cabinet Board (Item 4)

4 List of Approved Contractors pdf icon PDF 98 KB

Report of the Head of Engineering & Transport


That the Contractor in Section 6 of the circulated report be included on the Approved List for the relevant categories, as detailed below:-


Western Lighting Ltd              

66 (Lighting Conductors)




That the following firm be included in the Approved List of Contractors in the category below:-





Western Lighting Limited


(Lighting Conductor)



Reason for Decision:


To keep the Approved List up to date and as far as possible ensure a competitive procurement process and for the purpose of supplying a List of Contractors for invitation to tender within the relevant category.


Implementation of Decision:


The decision will be implemented after the three day call in period.




The Approved List of Contractors is promoted on Neath Port Talbot web pages through local events.